About me

Welcome to Mylini Design

Mylini Design was founded in 2020. We have made it our mission to create exceptional designs. Also we know how important it is to have invitations, cards and gifts that are designed with love and have a personal touch.

About our Mission

We create unique designs for invitations, cards and gifts. So that your events, parties and celebrations are set up for success from the start.
about me from mylini design

Our Vision

At Mylini Design, our philosophy is: focus on what your customers want and do your best to fulfill their wishes. We are inspired by nature, especially the sea, and we put great emphasis on making our designs trend resistant and super easy to personalize.

But that is only half of the story. You’ll be interested to know that the products our designs are featured on are made responsibly and fairly. The people who make the products are treated well, so they pass on their love and care to the products. This creates a win-win situation for the environment, for the people who make these great products and for you as a customer. And we can proudly say that all products are 100% made in the USA.